Our goal is no less than changing the world as we know it

The NextGen Data Science and Analytics Innovation Center, also known as dSAIC, is led by UMKC in collaboration with universities in the University of Missouri system.

About dSAIC

The University of Missouri System, through a unique partnership with its four universities, has joined esteemed research centers and industries around the world in ushering forward a new era of data science. The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) will play a critical role in powering the success of that enterprise through its NextGen Data Science and Analytics Innovation Center, known as dSAIC. By harnessing immense datasets to extract insights, patterns, and knowledge to drive technological advancements, dSAIC will provide the mission-critical foundation for leading edge research. dSAIC will also partner with the Precision Health Initiative, based at the University of Missouri System.

dSAIC will provide facilities and personnel to:

  1. Store, process, and analyze massive datasets
  2. Deliver cutting-edge high performance computing services in order to solve critical problems faced by our society
  3. Produce a skilled workforce to meet growing industry demand for data science and analytics.

The work of dSAIC will...

  1. Provide actionable insights, identify complex patterns, and uncover previously unknown correlations to facilitate data-driven decision making in organizations
  2. Create a collaborative multidisciplinary research ecosystem for the UM System and community partners.
  3. dSAIC will generate new capabilities and opportunities for our researchers, educators, and students in an era of rapidly growing demand for data scientists. It will provide world-class training programs to prepare the next generation of skilled data scientists and analysts.
  4. dSAIC will also strategically leverage its resources to develop data-driven solutions to address societal problems. Through this approach, the center’s work will drive innovation in a variety of domains ranging from health care to business intelligence to agriculture to digital humanities and beyond.

News & Updates

dSAIC's new home in the UMKC Health Sciences District

The University of Missouri-Kansas City at a Tuesday event revealed the esign of its largest capital investment to date: the $120 million Healthcare Delivery and Innovation Building.

Center of Excellence:
AI- Empowered Spatial Computing

Awarded by the US Department of Education, the Center of Excellence in Spatial Computing Grant Program provides funding to eligible institutions of higher education (IHEs) to increase the number of highly qualified Americans available for hire within the high-tech labor pool.